The Brewer’s House

We are currently starting work refurbishing a historic Master Brewer’s house (No. 10 Ardee Street) with a contemporary extension at what was No.9 Ardee Street. Originally part of a larger site known as “The Brewery Block”, this was at one time the premises of Watkins, Jameson and Pim brewers. This site was bounded on four sides by Ardee Street, Newmarket, Brabazon Row and what was Ardee Row (formerly Mutton Lane).

No.10 has great importance, both historically and architecturally. It is one of the very last grand houses surviving in the Liberties, and it retains virtually all of its original features.

The interiors and the detailing of the plasterwork and joinery suggests a construction date in the early 1800s. There are very few structures in the area surviving from this period in such a complete state. Interestingly, the house was defended in 1916 by Eamonn Ceannt during the Easter Rising, and a bronze plaque records this.

Our proposed scheme seeks to restore No.10 and convert it to reuse as modern offices, utilising the new extension to provide circulation, services, bathrooms and all of the paraphernalia which modern offices require, whilst retaining . This scheme will give new life to a historic Liberties house and provide a sympathetic, contemporary “bookend” extension on a prominent city centre site.

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